Happy Easter Liegt!

Can’t tell you how excited I was to be your Secret Bunny after you were my kindness Santa ;) I have to admit I agonized pretty hard over just what I was going to do for you seeing as you rock pretty hard at making things ^_^’

So I settled on a sim in hopes that maybe she could be a future model for you and all your cool CC to come!! Her name is Perry Beal, and I hope she’ll come in handy for you, feel free to go wild and change her look, she’s all yours bb :3 

I’ll fanmail you her download and CC, hopefully it’ll get to you I’m a little worried my secret bunny asks didn’t make it to you earlier this week ^_^;

  1. ix-simblr said: She’s so pretty ;-;
  2. liegt said: OMG. I am fanmailing you right now.
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