Celestial University is something that’s been buzzing around my head since I learned that University Life was going to be a thing. I wanted to create a place that could combine my alien and human sims and also just be really fun. The premise is that Celestial University is a private University on Earth that is open to the best and brightest across the galaxies. The students here are true gems with some serious talent.

But, I thought for added funzies I’d open this up to my followers as well. I thought it’d be fun to take “admissions” and color up the campus with everyone’s sims. Obviously I wouldn’t overwhelm myself and could only take a few at a time, but like with real school, new students come, seniors graduate… so on and so forth. So, it’d be a bit like a revolving door kind of project.

This isn’t something I’d start right away, I’m still tying up my Bachelorette Challenge which should resume posting Monday and go all week. However, I thought I’d see if this was something that interested anyone and if not no worries, I’ll carry on on my own ;) More details obviously would come later if there are some interested parties.

 *Dances away*

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