New Doleander house is taking me ages to decorate, but Corin’s room is done.

Now…. I have to finish all the others.

August01, 2014 @14:23:43 | 7
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I have to give in and finally go to bed but I wanted to post these really fast. Luna and Corin aged up in my old save and I forgot to save the caps when I reset my game… ‘cause I’m dumb ^^;

But omg look at these babies especially Corin! He favors Oleander a lot but I think he’s a goregoussss sim. My Doleander babies are growing up ;__;

Better pictures later!

August01, 2014 @01:40:40 | 7
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I always get late night sim inspiration for some reason. Not that I’m complaining but I’m working on my new Doleander save and I can’t stop grinning like a damn fool.

July31, 2014 @23:48:32 | 5
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July31, 2014 @18:06:45 | 19
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July31, 2014 @16:32:23 | 8
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Sylar and Wyatt always get up around the same time so there’s always time for cuddles before Sy makes breakfast. Binx has also decided he likes the tiny human after all.